How we scaled a fintech app from 0 to millions of views on Reddit in 90 days

How we scaled a fintech app from 0 to millions of views on Reddit in 90 days

In this case study, we’ll discuss how we helped a client go from zero to millions of views on Reddit in 90 days.

Campaign Goals:
  • Generate brand awareness by going viral on Reddit 
  • Create an engaging community as a growth vector
  • Identify and convert early adopters
  • Dominate reddit SERPS for relevant keywords

Our client, a recently funded investment app that helps users access and run hedgefund inspired investment strategies had the primary goal of generating brand awareness across retail investor communities to accelerate product adoption. 

After a thorough analysis of their business and industry, we determined that Reddit would be an excellent platform for them to achieve their goals. 

We created a comprehensive plan that included the following steps:
Research and Analysis:
  • We created a social listening workflow stacked with psychometric and sentiment analysis to track multichannel mentions of relevant keywords, competitors, and active Reddit user profiles to target. 
Content Creation: 
  • Reddit is known to be one of the hardest platform to promote products and services in due to heavy moderation from community gatekeepers. Knowing this, we had to create a content strategy that was good enough to generate traction whilst being well perceived by subreddit moderators. (This is what set us apart).
Subreddit Growth:
  • Creating and scaling a community from scratch is a multipronged undertaking that requires an acute understanding of how to convert new users and keep them engaged enough to maximize CLTV.
    We developed special purpose software that allows us to programmatically scale subreddits by acquiring subscribers that fit specific psychometric criteria based on their posting history. 
  • We also had the right content blueprint to ensure the subreddit was used as an asset to activate users, generate heaps of user-generated-content, do active customer development, and serve as a launchpad to launch new features.
Reddit SEO
  • Ranking on Google SERPS costs tens of thousands of dollars and requires months if not years of intensive labour. Reddit offers a more attainable alternative that can be fast tracked. With over 400 million MAUs the benefits of ranking for high value short and long tail keywords on Reddit cannot be understated. 
  • We performed in-depth keyword analysis to identify winning combinations of keywords that could be incorporated in our content strategy.

Finding Alpha:
  • Within the first month of implementing our plan, our client's posts were getting significant traction, with hundreds of upvotes and thousands of views. At the end of the third month, and after several iterations, our client's posts were getting hundreds of thousands of views with numerous comments by users asking where they could get their hands on our clients product.
  • By performing community saturation with product led marketing we were able to generate organic interest at scale (NO ADS!) to the point where we started seeing dozens of organic mentions from highly influential reddit users in posts and comments.

  • In conclusion, Reddit can be a powerful platform for businesses to increase their online presence and reach millions of engaged users. By implementing a comprehensive strategy it's possible to achieve significant results on the platform. As this case study illustrates, a well-executed Reddit strategy can take a business from zero to millions of views and greatly enhance your brand awareness and online visibility.

Composer Campaign Overview by Andre Botelho